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Keep in mind that the more flash and animation that you use the slower your page will load up. You may have noticed how slow this page was to open with all the examples on it. When using flashing blinking things or sound effects we recommend that you keep it too a minimum or don't use them at all. They can distract from your intended message.

FLASH: This movie was designed for Albright Tax and Accounting for the banner in the header.


Roll over image ROLL-OVERS: This is the logo picture for Thumbelinas Poodles Run your cursor over the image


Custom Flash: This was for a legal site


Custom Graphic for Aunt Judy's Attic


Animated Logo

Flash Text

Mouse over sound effects. Run your mouse over the harp.


The above are just a few examples of what can be done. The possibilities are endless.


:: Search Engines
Although search engines are a science in their own, with work, you can rank high without paying a high price. We offer a service that will put you in the top 20 if you allow us to create your website to be search engine friendly. More info...



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