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Website Design - Website Maintenance

We can maintain your website for you.

In general we charge $10.00 for text changes (a paragraph or two).

Photos: $25.00 each.

To change items in a shopping cart the cost varies. Contact us with what you need done and we will give you a quote.

For link exchanges $10.00. Some (most) search engines will give you a higher ranking if you have many other sites linking to yours. This is tedious work. Finding just the right link partners requires hours of combing the internet. We have a service that will continually seek out and add appropriate link partners for your site. The cost is $70.00 per month on a one year contract. Note: Some search engines are faster to crawl the web and find your "improvements". I have seen Google pick up a site in less than a week. And, I have seen it take MSN 6 months to update their servers. It is fair to say that it can take a good year to saturate the search engines. This is without "paying for placement". That is always an option but it not a necessary one. It depends on your particular situation.

Extra pages are $50.00 each.


:: Search Engines
Although search engines are a science in their own, with work, you can rank high without paying a high price. We offer a service that will put you in the top 20 if you allow us to create your website to be search engine friendly. More info...



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