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Website Design - FAQ'S


We avoid most of the time and expense of web site building by using several time and cost-saving alternatives.
For example:

We typically select a pre designed web site style from our library of over 2,500 styles, then customize it (color, layout, graphics, etc.) to match your desires. We also use ready-made graphics from our library of more than 50,000 items, and use your logo or other artwork. However, We can do “custom” designs and we can easily create a custom logo for you if you don't already have one..

Click the template link below to view a collection some of our designs.


You retain ownership (copyright) in all original materials provided by you to us. We retain ownership of the materials (graphics, artwork, photographs, music, etc. we use to build your site. The original copyright owner retains all rights in materials owned by them. Style sheets and templates and the actual design of the resulting website is the property of the web developer. We do not knowingly use copyrighted materials without prior consent from the owner.

We transfer to you full rights for all photos, graphics, or other items we create for your web site. If we did not actually create the graphic then it is not yours exclusively. Or ours.

You rent the domain name ( for as long as you continue to stay current with the domain name fees.

You rent web site hosting space for as long as you continue to stay current with the hosting service fees.


30-Days FREE corrections: You're not left on your own once your web site is finished. After your web site is up and running we will make corrections at no charge for thirty days. This gives you time to remember what you forgot to add, to make changes to pricing or whatever you find that you didn't the first time around.

After 30 Days...

For minor changes we charge $10.00.

For photos we charge $25.00 each.



Domain name registration, usually 15.00 per year. I prefer to use Domains Next for this service. URL forwarding (if needed) $8.00 per year. For web hosting, this can run from $100.00 per year to 300.00. $110.00 being average. We offer Hosting plans starting at 100.00 per year. If you use your existing ISP space and already have your own domain name, then up to 5 pages of web site (US $500) on a zip disk($10) could be as little as US $510* for the first year. These prices do not include your Internet Service Provider (ISP) access fees.

If needed, we can arrange everything you need to get your web site up and running on the Web. (you pay the actual costs. Host, Domain Name, ISP, URL forward if needed) We don't encourage the free web hosting because the "price" for free are those pesty and un professional looking POP UP ADDS! You can apply URL forwarding and get rid of them (most of the time) but then you lose your meta tags. Without the meta tags, the search engines can't read the html on your page. It's your choice. We offer good hosting for as little as $100.00 a year with cgi bin, SSL, 24/7 support and unlimited email addresses.


We recommend PayPal for accepting payments. You may sign up using this handy link.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.  

Of course we can set you up with Veri Sign or another credit cart acceptance company. You may also choose to open a merchant account of your own to accept them directly. We have found that PayPal is the most economical way to go. there is no monthly fee, just a percentage per transaction charge. Most credit card accepting services charge a monthly fee and a percentage for accepting credit cards.


We do not sign you up for, or evaluate: web rings, associate sales programs, banner or link exchange programs, etc. These are all business or personal decisions you must make. Once you have selected and signed-up for a “service”, you send us the “welcome” or “registration” E-mail from the service, and We will add that service to your web site at no additional charge during the first 30 days that your site is online.
We do not establish or update your products list at E-commerce services like CCNow. We will help you do that the first time or two.

We also don’t do web sites that: are “adult” in nature, promote illegal activities, and other types of web sites at my sole discretion.


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